Twelve solutions to combat anxiety and stress

What is the most effective approach to alleviate anxiety and stress?
There are 12 quick and easy solutions to reenergize and face the days with a positive outlook.

Discover with these 12 simple yet potent exercises how to maintain tranquility and well-being by releasing the anxieties, resentments, and strains of contemporary life.

What is stress?

Stress is a syndrome of adaptation to stressful situations. It can be physiological, but it can also have pathological implications, including chronic ones, which fall into the field of psychosomatics.


It is a common occurrence for individuals to encounter situations or moods that hinder their ability to attain their desired outcomes. If we conduct an analysis of the reasons for the failure of our previous response, we discover that a different approach, more beneficial for us, could have been employed. However, the outcome remains uncertain. What prevented it from happening?

Our mind was not prepared, it was not prepared because it was engaged in many other things, including work, school, children, etc.

All the most amazing things we can imagine!

Please note that It is irrelevant to the mind whether the perception is real or imaginary. In both instances, she will fulfill our expectations by releasing substances to the body, which will cause a response in accordance with our needs.

It is within the mind that we can purify ourselves by scrutinizing our level of serenity, determining appropriate actions and implementing positive attitudes that are beneficial for our self-esteem and overall well-being. 

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Imagine the best that we can live better!

Without beating around the bush, it is found everywhere that this system works and is the real secret of positive people. They devise and execute measures to realize their previously aspirations and aspirations, which prove to be advantageous, superior, and advantageous for them.

By employing this approach, individuals acquire the ability to adhere to a specific objective and eventually, with utmost concentration and perseverance, attain it.

As Albert Einstein elucidated:

 Imagery is more important than knowledge.

I would like to share with you 12 enlightening and effortless techniques shared by Giulio Ardenghi, a Busines and Life Coach from Bergamo. You can obtain the PDF file at the end of this post.

Are you ready to put these tips into practice in order to fight and free yourself from stress, anger, and anxiety?


12 prompt intervention exercises to combat stress and anxiety.

Twelve first aid exercises are provided to relieve stress, anger, and anxiety. They are quick and easy, and they can be done almost anywhere (even outside the home) They are effective, albeit some may appear excessive or bizarre to you.

  1. You have a negative thought that haunts you. Please describe it precisely and in detail on a sheet of paper and mention how you feel. Then, ball up the paper and throw it in the toilet. Urinate on it and drain the water.
  2. You have a negative thought about yourself (ex: I am not up to the task X): Say this sentence aloud; laugh, but with even less energy; laugh again, with even less energy; and let go.
  3. You have a phrase that torments you. Take it by the neck, take it off your shoulder, slam it to the ground, step on it, and then disintegrate it with rays of light coming out of your fingers.
  4. Experience a negative circumstance, such as a mistake, by imagining the situation (such as anger) in detail, including sound, on a television screen. Take the remote and change channels. Choose a program that you enjoy (with colorful images, nice characters, and favorite music) and feel free to be the protagonist. After a brief period of viewing, it is recommended to disconnect the television.
  5. They instructed you to brush off the imaginary dust that had stuck to your clothes with your hands. With your fingers, remove the imaginary encrustations and discard them in the wastepaper basket.
  6. You feel stressed or anxious, try doing this simple exercise for one minute every hour, even at work. The outcome is surprising. Take a deep and slow breath, relax, and contemplate. I am a person who embodies peace, I am a peace-loving individual, and I am committed to promoting peace among others.
  7. You struggle with a decision to make: Ask yourself a short question (for example, is it okay for me to accept the new position offered to me? Press the button around the bottom button to ask your question. The elevator descends continuously, descending until it eventually halts. The doors will be opened. Go out and explore. With your eyes still closed, orient yourself towards the surroundings. What are you seeing? Take into consideration the context. May I ask how you are feeling? The response to your inquiry will be determined by the emotion you experience. If you are unable to observe anything upon the doors opening, it is recommended that you procure a flashlight and illuminate the area from which you have arrived. If a wall appears, grab a pickaxe and remove it. Then, you can continue the exercise.
  8. Think about everything that worries you and write it down on a sheet of paper: Think about the problems you can control and write them down on another sheet of paper. Next to the problems you can check, write what you can do to solve them. Get rid of all the other worries for which you don’t have a solution by burning the first sheet in the fireplace (be careful!).
  9. It is a period in which there is something that does not turn as it should: Using your left hand write a letter of at least two pages in which you remember firsthand a situation, a day, a meeting that brought you joy. Put in as much detail as possible. Insist on how you felt happy, peaceful, relaxed, joyful, satisfied, energetic, etc. Put the paper in an envelope. Write your address. Draw a small heart where the stamp goes. Franks. Give the letter to someone you trust, asking him to post it when he wants, without telling you.
  10. Make a list of at least five qualities: (eg I am generous, I am sincere, I am joyful, I am respectful, I am lovable, etc.) that characterize you. To start the day well, in the morning, as soon as you wake up, sit down for a moment on the bed and appreciate the gift of a new day. Create a positive thought about one of the five qualities and enjoy a few minutes of silent reflection on the meaning and how you exercise that quality towards yourself. Make a resolution to apply that quality to yourself and others throughout the day.
  11. You feel the need to dedicate some time to yourself in peace : Peace is simplicity. Decide that someday will be your day of simplicity. Speak little and listen carefully. Do something beautiful for a loved one. Eat simple, natural food. Carve out spaces where you can take a walk while remaining silent. Look around. Live the moment. Open your mind to a deeper and more silent sensitivity. Appreciate what you see and each person for who they are. In the evening, write down what you have discovered. Feel what you feel and observe the state of your mind.
  12. You have had a heavy day, a long and busy meeting, you feel tired and stressed, drained of your energy: Take a nice, long shower imagining that the water is like a shower of gold, full of energy, that washes away the fatigue, the sticky stress, the negative energy that others have passed on to you. Rub the whole body (even the head) first with a little vigor, then more and more gently, until you massage yourself with the golden water full of energy.

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