12 tips for good style

Fashion and style are all about inspiration and the freedom to find your own style. A new perspective on clothing and new ideas on how to create and express it. Image reflects who you are and what you want to express.

Here are 12 tips on how to breathe new life into your image:

1. Get Inspired
Getting inspired doesn't pay when you see a photo in a fashion magazine or see a woman who looks good on you.
It's the opposite of imitation. Because you have your own personality you are not like everyone else. (So ​​do you!)
But if you look at a picture of brightly colored clothes, try to mimic the clothes in your closet.
For example, you might not have any clothes. Red shirt, pink pants, burgundy shoes. But you can also wear red pants, a burgundy shirt and a pink scarf. Or, if you see a picture of a leopard coat paired with red flags.
Then imagine if you have something red that you can pair with a leopard colored belt.
Think about it. Colors, patterns, compositions, etc. should not be mentioned.
2. Use what's in your closet.
There's no rule that says you have to buy something new to spruce up your closet. Maybe you'll find something you've been hiding because you're tired.
Maybe you've found a new way to organize your clothes, or some old items you're starting to wear bring you back. . Give new life to your bathroom.


3. Don't be afraid to buy new.
Above all, we encourage you to use clothes and accessories you already have, but don't be afraid to buy new (unless the bank says otherwise). New shirts, skirts, dresses, bags and more can be just what binds your wardrobe together.
So, if you keep coming back to one (or more) specific thing, BUY it and enjoy all the new styling options you get.
4. Be creative and use your new ideas when you have the time and desire
There is no need to insist on being fresh, new and fantastically dressed all the time if you feel comfortable with the style of clothing you have right now.
Wait until you have the profit and opportunity to be creative.
Then experimenting with fashion and style becomes a game you enjoy, rather than feeling pressured.
5. Throw out what you are not using
I have said it many times: it only leads to annoyance and bad conscience to stick to clothes and accessories that you do not use. If the clothes are something you have received from a dear family member or that reminds you of a bygone era, try to find something else that gives you good memories.
If the clothes are something you cannot fit and (realistically) will not fit for the time being, then save yourself the mental hugs you get every time you see the clothes.
If the clothes are something that should have been repaired a long time ago, then save yourself the annoyance that you will never get it repaired anyway.
6. Unpack the clothes you are not wearing
Have you “lived” in a knit sweater and can’t bear to look at it yet?
Is it no longer “shorts and sandal weather”?
Or are your leather pants too warm to wear?
Then unpack the clothes until you feel like and have the opportunity to use the clothes again.
Otherwise, it just lies and fills, and you risk losing track of your wardrobe.
7. Take good care of your clothes and shoes
Whether they are expensive or cheap, if you take good care of your clothes and accessories, they will last a long time. After wearing your clothes, hang them up but don't wash them. Evaporation will wear your clothes.
Wash your shoes well and change them when necessary. Before wearing high heels.
Adjust your clothes and fold them in place.

8. Dare
Do you want to show off your legs, arms or chest? Do it!
Want to wear more covered clothing? Go!
People dress to make you look good.
There are as many ways to dress as you want!
– Remember, looking good has no age. Anyone can wear anything anytime!
9. Plan what you're going to wear
This doesn't mean you have to know the last thing you're going to wear all week. However, it's a good idea to prepare a few sets to save time looking for clothes in everyday life.
This will reduce the risk of you wearing the same clothes, which can get boring. .
10. Dress the way you are now.
Don't expect to lose 10kg when you find out. This can't be done!
There is no reason to delay dressing well.
11. Give compliments
Thanks, make you and the recipient happy!
Can you thank yourself?
So accept compliments, appreciate them, don't take them lightly.
Say it well.
12. Wear what makes you happy
Whether it's colorful clothes, tight shoes, or something different, the key to looking good is wearing clothes that make you happy and comfortable.

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