Why your online business needs an ERP system?

There are those of us who enjoy accounting, and those who do not. Numerous business owners fall into the former category, causing stress at the conclusion of every month as they attempt to reconcile their financial statements while simultaneously pulling out a few hairs. If one encounters difficulties with numerical calculations, ensuring accurate inventory, sales volume, and customer satisfaction can prove to be challenging.

This is the reason why your enterprise requires enterprise resource planning software, or more commonly, an ERP system:

1. Puts your business info at your fingertips.
ERP solutions are fundamentally designed to streamline business operations. They provide a holistic view of your companies key performance metrics, such as orders to date, financial spreadsheets, inventory, and order status.


2. Increase sales and customer service.
Many online businesses struggle with inventory management, which involves knowing how much product is available and where it exists. This is especially important if a customer is after a popular product and is unable to find it. Nonetheless, ERP software is capable of assessing the quantity of the product in stock, as well as assessing the status of shipping, payment, and any service issues. Every employee will have access to this current information at their fingertips when dealing with customers.

3. It facilitates the process of accounting with ease and speed.
If your accounting department is in shambles, linex ERP software is about to be your best investment. For companies that are behind the times and still relying on paper-based invoices and sales orders, the manual entry of these figures can occupy valuable time, not to mention that it is highly susceptible to human error. ERP software has the capability to seamlessly integrate all financial reporting of your company across all financial systems, including but not limited to accounting, sales, shipping, and marketing, into a single, uniform database.

4. Improve and streamline the process.
If your sales staff use paper invoices, what do your shipping department and customer service division use to track sales? If the answer is spreadsheets or data entry software, your company may have an issue when it comes to tracking and processing information in a streamlined manner. However, ERP software offers accounting staff the ability to use one system for receivables and payables, shipping and receiving, and every other process across your company, so that your business only has to rely on a single database tool.

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