The story of a former soccer player who achieved success in reducing weight and shaping his muscles

When we often experience migraines, it is of course difficult to commit to routine exercise or diet.

Brian Hendriks, a former American football player from the London Blitz team, feels the same way.

Initially, Hendriks possessed robust body muscles as he had become accustomed to exercising with a bench press weighing 183 kilograms.

Unfortunately, unfortunate events occurred when he reached the age of 32. He experienced neurological difficulties that resulted in bleeding in the brain stem.


Consequently, he was compelled to suspend his daily routine in order to engage in physical activity at the gym. Hendirks began experiencing migraines in 2015, shortly after he was blessed with a baby.

He said that he felt very helpless and hopeless about his life.

His weight, originally 88 kilograms, has increased to 106 kilograms in 2018.

After finding a suitable drug to treat his migraines, Hendirks life began to change. He returned to routine exercise in the gym, although only twice a month. He decided to focus on his health and make some drastic changes.

Subsequently, he intends to lose weight by consuming four to five servings of juice daily.

Hendriks also conducts cheating days every two weeks by applying one meal to each meal.

Although it was not easy, he was able to lose 18 kilograms.

After that, he underwent intermittent fasting, which consisted of five days of normal eating and two days of fasting.

This method was successful in reducing his weight by 11 kilograms. Within a span of six months, he was able to attain his desired weight.

Hendriks continued its efforts by implementing six days of normal eating and one day of fasting to maintain weight and build muscle.

He also began to commit to engaging in physical activity ten times a week, by engaging in cardio for a half an hour in the morning and attending the gym during his lunch break.

He also increased his calorie intake to 1800 calories per day and consumed a minimum of 200 grams of protein.

Every week, he prepares his lunch and eats it at the same time every day. He always took time to attend the gym.

Despite having to work, he utilizes his lunchtime to engage in physical activity at the gym. For him, it makes it easier to follow a strict routine by creating a strict routine.

By removing all choices, I have never allowed myself to make a poor choice.

A year later, his hard work paid off entirely. Changes were clearly visible on his body.

People who have not seen me in a long time are surprised to see me now. Particularly those who are only familiar with my weight, he stated.

Hendriks claims that he is happier with his appearance and can wear whatever clothes he wishes.

As a result of his enhanced physical fitness, Hendriks possesses a significant amount of energy to engage in play with his children.

He said he feels I can be a good role model for my children and their health.

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